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kamina - do the impossible

strayfish in skyefish_sushi


Hey everyone, I'm one of the moderators/creators here, and I just thought I'd welcome you to the LJ community for SkyeFish Sushi!

Basically we set this up so that we can put up pictures and do announcements for sales and events we're going to be at as soon as we hear. We'll still be updating the website right away, but we know that it's more convenient for you if you see the announcement in your friends list rather than having to go and check the site regularly.

Feel free to make your own posts with comments or questions and we'll address them as fast as we can. Thanks, and enjoy!


Nifty! Cute site!

Interested in swapping links with Spunky Kitty Style?

What shopping cart are you planning on using?
This is taipa, right? We'd love to exchange with you! I don't know the url though ^^;

We're going to use a thing from paypal, I tried setting up zen cart but it was stupid so I scrapped it. Just waiting for the credit card to come so we can set up our business account.
Yup! ^_^

Spunky Kitty Style: www.spunkykitty.com

I added you to my links page here: http://spunkykitty.com/pages/links-pv-c0-8.html
All done and added!
Thanks! ^_^

But you have to include the http:// part of the URLs, otherwise your HTML resolves as an internal link. sushi.strayfish.ca/spunkykitty.com ... same with the other URLs you have on your links page.

I don't know how I managed to screw that up, I've been writing html/css for like 6 years now. Chalk it up to staying up til 6 am every day, I guess...I thought I'd tested them too...
I think the Universe has some sort of rule that every time you complete a nice website, you have to screw up basic HTML in one way or another. Just to let us know who's boss. ^_~


Hey, I'd be interested in buying some of your pillows, but I'm from Europe, Poland. Is it possible, to send this stuff here? Is it possible to make any deal? Please, answer.

Re: Question

Hi Zosia!

We could send a shipment to Poland but the shipping is between CAD$13 - CAD$60 depending on how fast you want it and how large your order is. How many items are you interested in?

Feel free to email me at tlulham@sympatico.ca if you want to discuss further :)
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June 2008

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